The PHA Canada Toronto Chapter is a volunteer group of patients, families and caregivers. We are dedicated to improving the lives of people living with Pulmonary Hypertension through advocacy, awareness, education, and support.

PH Support Group

Most PH patients had never heard of Pulmonary Hypertension until they were diagnosed, and many go months or years before meeting another patient. The PH support group helps provide a space where patients, family members and caregivers can:

  • Share their experiences
  • Feel comfort knowing that they are not alone
  • Learn about PH, treatments and how others have adjusted their lifestyles around PH
  • Learn from others about how to get involved in the fight against PH

Let Me Breathe

After a great deal of hard work and the dedication of a committed group of volunteers led by Paul Adams, the much anticipated “Let Me Breathe” video is now complete! The song, written and produced by Mr. Adams, shares a message of hope for all those living with PH and the video showcases an amazing group of musicians assembled to produce the video along with a choir of PH patients and their family members singing back up! PHA Canada is very grateful to Paul Adams for this wonderful gift to the PH community. We would also like to thank the Radio and Television Arts School (RTA) at Ryerson University, Toronto, as well as the Coalition Music Recording studio and staff, for the donation of their time.

  • What is PH?

    Pulmonary Hypertension - or PH as it is commonly referred to - is a rare and potentially fatal lung disease in which the arteries of the lungs become closed off, or scarred, resulting in high blood pressure in the lungs. [Read More]