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Pulmonary Hypertension Association of Canada
The mission of PHA Canada is to work within a united pulmonary hypertension community and to provide leadership in awareness, advocacy, education and patient support on behalf of all Canadians living with PH.

Living with PH is your one-stop resource for information relating to PH, the site includes audio and video and covers topics from the basics of PH to diagnosis treatment.

Take Action PAH
After almost one year, the provincial and territorial negotiations for Opsumit through the pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA) have been closed. This decision means that PAH patients across the country (except in Québec) who could benefit from Opsumit, including those also affected by scleroderma, are unable to access it through public funding.

Tom Lantos Innovation in Community Service Awards – Paul Adams’s Let Me Breathe
Paul, the uncle of a Canadian PH patient, wrote and recorded a music video inspired by his niece’s experience with PH. His Lantos project, “Let Me Breathe – The Whole World Will Be Listening,” will carry the song’s optimistic message to the global PH community. Paul will perform his song, “Let Me Breathe,” and screen the video at PHA’s 10th International Conference and Scientific Sessions June 22, 2012 in Orlando. All Conference attendees will receive the song on CD. Paul’s project will also include a website where people who have seen the video or heard the song can make a post, illustrating the spread of this message.

Pulmonary Hypertension

- Merck Manual


- A chest X-ray is used to examine the chest and the lungs and other organs and structures located in the chest. - John Hopkins

CT/CAT scans are more detailed than standard x-rays and are often used to assess the organs of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and esophagus, for injuries, abnormalities, or disease.

- An echocardiogram is a procedure in which ultrasonic sound waves are used to assess the heart's function and structures SMGH

- HAST can simulate the amount of oxygen that patients will breathe on a flight or while staying at high-elevation locations.

- Pratical tips for patients with pulmonary disorders

- Known informally as just the "Survival Guide,” this important book serves as a soup-to-nuts guide for patients and their loved ones covering topics like the mechanics of PH, the latest treatments, patient care and lifestyle issues.

- Peak flow measurement is a procedure that records the amount of air flowing out of your lungs. Peak flow can be measured with either a spirometer or a peak flow meter. - John Hopkins

- Guideline contains 79 recommendations and expert consensus statements to aid clinicians in the management of PAH using the latest drug therapies for adults with the condition (Aug 2014).

- May 5, 2014


Designed to help patients with chronic lung disease improve or increase their ability to live independently in the community.

- A right heart catheterization is performed to determine how well the heart is pumping and to measure the pressures in the heart and lungs - John Hopkins Medicine

- John Hopkins Medicine

- Information about Chronic Thromboembolic Pulmonary Hypertension #CTEPH for patients, caregivers & at-risk populations.


- Your unbiased neutral resource for detailed and in-depth analysis and information on oxygen therapy, home oxygen concentrators, portable oxygen concentrators and all types of portable oxygen equipment - to help you understand your oxygen needs and available portable oxygen systems, so that you can get their full benefit.

- A Patient Guide to Long-Term Supplemental Oxygen


- Be Brave

A doctor blogging about Pulmonary Fibrosis, Interstitial Lung Disease, Prednisone, Oxygen, and Lung Transplantation for patients and their caregivers.

- Leigh

- Christine

- Motivational Speaker

- haley ann

- Kathleen Sheffer

- Real People. Real Stories. We face disability, disease and mental illness together.

- Serena

- Christine Miserandino

Government Programs

- Vehicles used by people with disabilities need to display the permit to park in an accessible parking space.

- Registered Vendors - Home Oxygen Therapy (.PDF)

- The ADP pays for the home oxygen therapy equipment and supplies and for services necessary to maintain oxygen therapy in the home.

- If you become severely disabled to the extent that you cannot work at any job on a regular basis, you and your children may receive a monthly benefit.

- Your Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) connects you with the care you need, at home and in your community.

- EatRight Ontario (ERO) is a free service that connects residents of Ontario to the trusted advice of a Registered Dietitian to help you make healthier food choices and answer your nutrition questions.

- Immunization helps strengthen your body's natural immune response against the flu. The flu shot stimulates your immune system to build antibodies against the virus, making it stronger and ready to fight off the flu.

- Information on each Member of Provincial Parliament currently serving in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario.

- The Ontario Disability Support Program helps people with disabilities who are in financial need pay for living expenses, like food and housing.

- The Ombudsman is an independent officer of the Legislature who investigates complaints from the public about Ontario government services.

- Individuals who have a severe and prolonged impairment in physical or mental functions, or their legal representative, use this form to apply for the disability tax credit.

- Telehealth Ontario is a free, confidential service you can call to get health advice or information. A Registered Nurse will take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call 1-866-797-0000.

- The TDP helps people who have high prescription drug costs relative to their household income.

Non-Profit Organizations

- CORD is Canada’s national network for organizations representing all those with rare disorders. CORD provides a strong common voice to advocate for health policy and a healthcare system that works for those with rare disorders.

- The Canadian Transplant Association,(CTA), is a registered charitable organization founded in 1987 to enrich and celebrate life while promoting organ and tissue donation.

- On May 5, more than 80 organizations around the world will participate in World PH Day activities to raise awareness of this frequently misdiagnosed disease and celebrate the lives of people living with PH.

- The Ontario Government is cutting funding for the care your doctor provides. The result? A real and serious threat to your ability to access quality health care in the coming years. Just when you need it most. Get involved and help us tell the government to put patients first.

- The Lung Association assists, educates and empowers individuals living with or caring for others with lung disease.

- Pulmonary Hypertension Information, Support and Advocacy Since 1999.

- Creating global pulmonary hypertension awareness through engagement and innovation to forge a new course to a cure.

- A global campaign to boost awareness of Pulmonary Hypertension. The global PH awareness campaign and Guinness World Record™ attempt runs through until the start of International PH Awareness Month in November 2010.

- Providing support, understanding, and information for all those people whose lives are touched by PH.

- The Pulmonary Hypertension Association is the leading organization connecting PH patients, families, and medical professionals.

- The Scleroderma Society of Ontario is committed to promoting increased public awareness, advancing patient wellness and supporting research in scleroderma.

- United in endurance sport to shine a spotlight on pulmonary hypertension.

- In February 2016, MPP Michael Harris will debate a Private Member’s Motion on creating a Select Committee for Rare Disease Treatment Funding. #TreatRareDisease

- West Park is a public hospital located in West Toronto that helps individuals manage difficult health challenges like lung disease, diabetes, stroke, amputation and musculoskeletal issues.


- 1 organ donor can save 8 lives. Sign up to be a donor today.

- An Animated Series is the personal account of Jeremy, a young male who has pulmonary hypertension.

- Buy a MedicAlert ID bracelet.

- A cartoon by Leslie

- The Access 2 Entertainment card allows persons with a disability to receive either free admission or a significant discount for their support person at member movie theatres and attractions across Canada.

- A support person accompanying a person with a disability will not be required to pay a fare when travelling on the TTC.

- Receive free flight (must pay for taxes) for caregiver when travelling with Westjet for domestic flights within Canada.

- Wheel-Trans provides door-to-door accessible transit service for persons with physical disabilities using accessible buses, contracted accessible and sedan taxis.